Autocut can help transform your turf, big or small, sloped or flat, by selecting, installing and maintaining the perfect machine for you. Correct installation means trouble free operation, and with ongoing Service and Support you can focus on more important and fun tasks.


works in all weather


saves time & money


cuts on uneven slopes

complex gardens

Complex gardens – The Automower® can handle big and complex gardens with many various obstacles. It has no problems mowing lawns with inclines of up to 70% (35°).

recharges itself

The Automower® is battery-driven and comes with a charging station, connected to your electrical garden outlet. When it is done mowing, it automatically returns to the recharging station.

finds its way home

The Automower® is guided by boundary wires around your garden. Within that area it moves in irregular patterns so that there are no lines or traces of mowing in the grass.

no need to collect clippings

The Automower® leaves tiny clippings that you won’t notice, so there is no need to collect them. By leaving them, you naturally fertilise your lawn.

it’s easy as…


free site visit...

A personalised consultation enables us to understand the practicality of the garden, identify your needs, and recommend the correct robotic mower for your site and situation. This also allows us to give you an accurate costing, not a general estimate with hidden extras.


complete installation...

We professionally install and setup your robotic mower with minimal fuss. Our trained technicians and specialist equipment allow us to do this safely and efficiently. You will be able to sit and watch your mower in action from the moment we leave your garden.


maintenance & aftercare...

For complete peace of mind we provide total support, which includes a full annual service. After a year of mowing day and night we pamper your machine with a full diagnostic check, software updates, fresh set of blades and a clean and polish - collected and returned… good as new.