Imagine never having to cut your lawn again… Robotic Lawnmowers may seem like something from the future, but the reality is that thousands of British homeowners are enjoying the endless benefits of a Husqvarna Automower.








A correctly installed Automower will quietly set about the onerous task of mowing the lawns, all year round, with virtually no input from you the homeowner. It can save thousands of pounds in annual lawn mowing charges, give you more time to spend on doing the things you love, and noticeably improve the quality of the lawn.

A carefully selected Automower will sit discreetly in the corner of your garden. It operates within a wired boundary that is professionally laid around the perimeter of the lawn. Much like your central heating, the Mower is then programmed to operate reliably around your needs and requirements. Once finished, it will return of its own accord to its Charging Station, to ready itself for it’s next Mow. Because the Automower operates daily, taking just a couple of millimetres off the grass each time, the lawn will never appear uncut or untidy. This gives you peace of mind that the job is being done perfectly everytime, even when you are not at the property. It also means that there is no waste to remove, as the Automower will Micro Mulch the clippings back into the lawn, actually improving the grass and minimising the moss within just a few weeks.


The Mower can even be monitored from the other side of the World via its integrated Mobile Phone App, meaning you can monitor your mowing schedule at a glance while on Holiday.

It is Alarmed, GPS tracked, PIN protected and Unique to it’s charging, so security is never an issue. People often say – ‘that little machine will never, cut my lawn…’ but a single Automower can mow upto 6000m2.

If the lawn is starting to become a bit much for you, or have a second home, or you just love a gadget, the Husqvarna Automower really is the most cost effective and convenient solution for mowing your grass, in almost every scenario we can think of.

Autocut truly are leading experts in Husqvarna Automowers. We exclusively supply, install and service Automowers across the country, so there is nothing we don’t know about them. Why do we only deal with Husqvarna Automower?

Quite simply – they’re the best – by a mile.

it’s easy as…


free site visit...

A personalised consultation enables us to understand the practicality of the garden, identify your needs, and recommend the correct robotic mower for your site and situation. This also allows us to give you an accurate costing, not a general estimate with hidden extras.


complete installation...

We professionally install and setup your robotic mower with minimal fuss. Our trained technicians and specialist equipment allow us to do this safely and efficiently. You will be able to sit and watch your mower in action from the moment we leave your garden.


maintenance & aftercare...

For complete peace of mind we provide total support, which includes a full annual service. After a year of mowing day and night we pamper your machine with a full diagnostic check, software updates, fresh set of blades and a clean and polish - collected and returned… good as new.