Husqvarna Automower® vs Conventional Rotary Mower

Husqvarna Automower® vs Conventional Rotary Mower

Last year, Husqvarna carried out a 3-month Automower® trial at the main football pitch of Månsarp IF in Sweden. One half of the pitch was cut with a conventional rotary mower, while the other half was cut with a Husqvarna Automower® 550.

After 3 months, the Head Groundsman Simeon Liljenberg compared the results:

“The very first thing I noticed was the difference in colour of the two sides. The Automower® side struck me as a darker green with less yellow in it, which instantly tells me that it’s healthier.”

There were other key differences between the quality of cut of the two halves of the pitch. The Automower® side had a razor-sharp cut on every blade of grass, which is a lot healthier for the lawn as it reduces the risk of disease and improves growth. As you can see in the image above (left-hand side), the side cut by the rotary mower had a far less clean cut and appeared torn apart.

The side cut with the Automower® also had roots up to 2 cm deeper and its soil was less compact. All of these factors add up to a healthier pitch, with the added benefit of fewer man-hours needed for cutting – up to 40 hours were saved over the trial period alone.

“The differences are quite clear, and my expert opinion is that the Automower® side is healthier overall, that it needs less irrigation, which would save on water in general. Simply put, Automower® has done a better job, delivering much better results and a better pitch.”

Check out our range of Automowers here and read the full write-up on the Husqvarna website.

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