Meet the Mower: Automower® 305

Meet the Mower: Automower® 305

Automower 305 mowing passageThis is the Automower® 305, an efficient and compact four-wheeled mower suitable for smaller lawns with some slopes. Its highly effective operation is aided by systemic passage handling to cut narrow areas and a triple-search function to find its fastest way back to the charging station.

This mower has a range of up to 600 m² and can handle slopes with an incline of up to 40%. It is fitted with lift and tilt sensors, so your mower will automatically stop if it's picked up or turned over. It also has an anti-theft alarm and spiral cutting technology. It can be easily cleaned with a hose, and will even connect to your Bluetooth device via Automower Connect @ home.

The Automower® 305 is fitted with a weather timer, which means that it automatically adjusts its mowing frequency based on how much your lawn is growing. In late Spring, lawns tend to grow quite fast; during this period, your mower will increase its mowing frequency to keep up with the amount of growth.Automower 305 However, if it's a hot, dry summer, lawns won't grow as quickly, so the mowing frequency will be automatically reduced. This saves energy as it's only mowing as much as it needs to so there won't be unnecessary cutting. It's fitted with a frost guard, too, so it won't mow in frosty conditions, helping to protect your lawn. All of these features help to reduce the amount of intervention you need to take to alter your mower's schedule throughout the year, saving you time.

Prices start from just £1,099. Plus we're offering FREE installation for a limited time only!
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