Meet the Mower: Automower® 415X

Meet the Mower: Automower® 415X

Meet a new addition to the 2021 X-line range, Automower® 415X. This is a premium high-tech mower perfect for complicated midsized areas. It has a range of up to 1500 m² and can manage slopes with up to a 40% incline.

415X Since this is an X-line mower, it comes with GPS-assisted navigation and systematic passage mowing technology for an optimised cut. It can be managed from your smartphone or tablet thanks to Automower® Connect – not only can you stop, start and park the mower from the app, you can also remotely adjust the height of cut, meaning you have full control of your mower at the touch of a button. It's fitted with the X-line design, including LED headlights, front bumper and special coloured wheel caps. Your mower will be safe thanks to GPS theft tracking, and its frost guard will interrupt the mowing schedule in frosty conditions to protect your lawn. It also has a weather timer and lift and tilt sensors as standard.
415X in garden
This mower really does have it all... you'll never have to manually cut the grass again, giving you more free time and a consistently well-trimmed lawn. Since it can be controlled remotely, it's perfect for those with a busy schedule, and the mower's technology really takes the guesswork out of looking after your lawn.

Prices start from just £2,199, plus we're offering FREE installation on all mowers for a limited time only! Contact us to learn more.

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