Meet the Mower: Automower® 430X

Meet the Mower: Automower® 430X

Automower 430X on lawn

Let's talk about the Automower® 430X...

This is an advanced X-line mower ideal for medium, complex lawns or large, less complex lawns. It has a range of up to 3,200 m² and can manage inclines of up to 45% (24°). This model uses new technology for an ultra-silent mowing experience, and it's fitted with an anti-theft alarm and lift and tilt sensors as standard. The weather timer will adjust the mowing time according to how fast your lawn is growing, enhancing efficiency and ensuring optimum cutting all year round. This mower is smart enough to mow through narrow passages, around obstacles and over tough terrain.

That's not all of this mower's intelligent features... the 430X is fitted with GPS-assisted navigation: it creates a map of the garden then registers which parts have been cut and which need more attention, tailoring its mowing pattern accordingly. The GPS capability also means you can see where your mower is from your smartphone, giving you added anti-theft protection.

Automower® Connect equipped, this mower can be easily controlled from your smartphone using its integrated mobile data. You can control your mower's schedule from anywhere and it will let you know if there's a problem through status updates and notifications. What's more, you can link it to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home to give your mower real-time voice commands.

Automower 430X

And to top it all off, this mower looks great! It has a rubber front bumper that makes it more resistant to collisions and LED headlights that increase visibility and make it easier to control in the dark.


Prices for this mower start from £2,899, plus we have a new free installation offer on all mowers. If you're looking for a high-tech mower to take care of your lawn-cutting needs, this might just be the one for you!

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