Meet the Mower: Automower® 450X

Meet the Mower: Automower® 450X

This week we're talking all about the Automower® 450X, an ultra-quiet X-line mower perfect for very complex, large gardens...

Automower 450X on lawnThis is a top-of-the-range model with a working area capacity of up to 5,000 m² and maximum slope performance of 24° (a 45% incline). Thanks to its GPS-assisted navigation, automatic passage handling and remote object detection, this mower can handle multiple narrow paths, separate areas and tough terrain with ease. It is a powerful, reliable and high-tech mower with a host of intelligent features.

The 450X provides the superior mowing experience of Husqvarna's X-line robotic lawn mowers. It comes fitted with LED headlights and ultra-silent drive technology, meaning that it can function throughout the night without causing you any disturbance. The Automower® Connect app allows you to control your schedule from anywhere at any time by giving you remote access from your smartphone, tablet or Amazon Alexa/Google Home.

Other features of this model include electric height adjustment, balance control, a weather timer, spiral-cutting technology, a theft-protection alarm and lift and tilt sensors. This mower definitely lives up to its title of Best Luxury Robotic Lawn Mower 2020!

Automower 450XIt can't go amiss that the Automower® 450X is an ideal replacement for a large ride-on mower, and there are numerous benefits to making the switch. First, there is no need to worry about fuel since the Automower® is battery-powered, saving you money and hassle. This also means that the mower doesn't produce harmful emissions, making it a more sustainable choice than petrol-powered alternatives. The comparatively small size of a robotic mower means there's no requirement for large-scale storage solutions – it can be put away in the winter without taking up the space required by a ride-on. And it goes without saying that it will save you time so that you can enjoy a perfectly trimmed lawn all year round without spending precious hours maintaining it.

Prices for this model start from just £3,799. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

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